3 Reasons why you NEED a phone case

1 - Get a Grip

Slim. Sleek. Smooth. Slippery. When it comes to phones, the trend is definitely slim and sleek. Great for style, terrible for grip! The design challenge - how do we 'get a grip' without losing the aesthetic ideal we all want?

A silicon-based phone case is really the only choice. Not only are these super thin and grippy, they can be found in every colour, texture and style you can ever want!

2 - Play it Safe

Today, the phone is ... well not a phone. Diary. Organiser. Life planner. Social Life. Vital.

Given our modern day dependence on the mobile, we really should be giving them the best care right?

Even if you aren't as clumsy as most of us, our phones can also struggle with hot and cold weather, debris can get into the charging port. Keeping your phone safe - and life on track - means a phone case is a must have piece of kit!

3 - #makeyourphoneyourown

So we know the truth - we need a phone case - why just have any old phone case? Make your phone your own at print your stuff with a custom print! Have your favorite photo - Partner? kids? Car? - printed onto your phone case here at print your stuff! Our online design tool lets you upload your photo and fit it to your case in seconds meaning a hassle free order and total control!